​​​​Kimora Vaughn

Michigan's finest Disciplinarian

An experience of a lifetime.  

An introduction into the world of Miss Kimora;

I immensely enjoy administering many forms of discipline, behavior modification, tickle torture, as well as sissy training. 

*Discipline & Behavior Therapy*

Being a disciplinarian/mentor for over ten years has given me the knowledge and experience necessary to execute appropriate discipline and behavior therapy.  If what you're seeking is accountability and structure,  I will assist you with managing your individual circumstances.  

I offer programs and solutions to build a better you.  My programs are tailored to each individual's situation. Not only do I provide the solutions, I also provide the consequences.  

Alluring, intelligent, and very well-versed in the art of punishment. Over the years my discipline techniques have established a consistent client base who've benefited from their sessions (online & in person). Regardless of the nature of their sessions.

You will receive your punishment with respect to your pain threshold.  I've created several techniques that allow me to recognize your level of limitations.  I remain plateaued within those limits until you are comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Only then will I proceed further.  I've also mastered the art of creating and sustaining suspense which is an intriguing experience.

Other punishments which may be included in my sessions; Lecturing, scolding (without raising my voice), line writing, corner time, and mouth soaping.  If I deem it necessary,  a few added punishments may be required to reach a desired goal.

During a visit with me you will experience an application of pain delivered perfectly.

Capable of administering a spanking like your mom or teacher use to give you as well as punish you and bring you to tears, also known as a somatic release.  Yes I can bring the boy out of the man.

I understand the physical as well as the emotional aspect of receiving a punishment such as spanking, caning, whipping, etc.   When administered properly, it can be therapeutic, a great stress reliever, and sensually gratifying for some. 

*For the masochist who derives gratification from pain.  A session filled with bondage and intense pain is just an email away.  You will be forced to endure pain and humiliation but there are limitations as to how far we will travel that fierce journey.​​

*Tickle  Torture*

Many people are ticklish on different levels and in multiple areas of the body. Some enjoy being tickled with varied intensities and sometimes with different implements such as feathers, brushes, electric toothbrushes, ball point pen, wide tooth comb, strands of hair, long nails, etc.  Depending on the severity and the length of time a person is tickled.  The experience can be stimulating or sometimes intense and exhausting from extreme laughter.  I have five years experience creating tickling sessions which are administered in a light, playful manner or unmerciful and torturous with or without bondage.  

During my tickling sessions I not only tickle the body in many areas of sensitivity.  I also indulge your mind with taunts of what I'm about to do to you next or I'll tell you what will occur in the next 60 - 90 seconds.  Then I'll give you a timer to watch in anticipation of what's coming.  It's important to stimulate your brain as well as your body because it's an important part of a tickling session.  Combining different intensities of tickling with spanking also makes a very interesting fusion of sensations.

DEFINITION: To touch lightly and cause a peculiar thrilling sensation, which commonly causes laughter; to titillate; to please by slight gratification (New Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary).

*Sissy Training*

There are men who desire to explore their inner feminine personality and experience being a woman.  Whether it's achieved on a regular basis, occasionally, or for the rest of their lives. Some are simply curious as to how it would feel to dress as and be treated like a woman.  Then there are those who enjoy dressing as a woman as a form of humiliation.  

I've had the pleasure of assisting men with each scenario for over six years.   You could be a submissive or just enjoy dressing up and feeling girly.   Is there a difference between a sissy and a cross-dresser?   Each defines herself in her own unique way so I do not believe there is a difference.  Both share a desire to explore their feminine side to the extent which satisfies their individual needs. 

I have all the accessories to assist you with your journey into being a woman.  Such as clothing, shoes, boots, wigs, jewelry, lingerie, nylons, thigh hi, makeup, etc.  .  

I DO NOT offer sessions where I'm nude or in lingerie, nor do I offer any form of sexual interaction.

  I  AM the Alpha female you've dreamed of and secretively desire.  

**If you request no marks, there will be no marks.