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An experience of a lifetime.  


Let's talk about it...

--Would you like to speak with a lifestyle Disciplinarian who truly can identify with your need for a spanking?

--In need of an online spanking because you're not able to visit my location?

--Do you want to learn how to persuade your spouse/SO to spank you? 

--Would you like to get better acquainted prior to your session with me?

--In need of stern scolding and/or assigned line writing?

--Have a potty mouth and need your mouth washed out with soap?

--Do you need to communicate with someone who shares your interest and understand Domestic Discipline, judicial, role play, behavior modification, and many forms of spanking?  We may also discuss the true reason behind your desire to be spanked. 

--Are you a sissy or desire to become one?  

--Chasity & key holding? 

--Do you have desires of worshipping a beautiful ebony Goddess and you're in need of slave training?

--Have you been naughty and in need of corrective discipline?

>Misbehavior at home or at work. 

>Excessive masturbation. 

>Overeating causing weight gain. 

>Your wife caught you wearing her panties or lingerie. 

>Addictions;  Porn, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs 

>Poor performance sexually with your wife/ girlfriend

What are your misdeeds which require my stern discipline or punishment? (Yes, there is a difference.)

What are your desires?

To speak with me on my personal phone line you will need to submit a request via email.  Include your interests, length of conversation you desire, and the time you're wanting to talk.  You will be required to pre-pay for the amount of time you're seeking.  You may purchase in 15-minute increments.

**Personal phone line rates:  $1.99  per minute. 

  Payments accepted are Square Cash / Google Wallet / Amazon    

​​​​Kimora Vaughn

Contact  &  Phone  sessions

A suburb of Metro Detroit.

Warren, MI   


Minimum  4-hrs. notice req.

Monday - Friday   8am - 9p  

Saturday    10pm - 7p  / Sunday - 24 hr. notice required

Same day appts. may be available, depending on my schedule for that day. 

**References may be required.

*Email your answers to the questions below.


How to contact me:

Be prepared with all of your questions prior to submitting your first email.  

The first email should be informative, descriptive, and to the point.  

It should also include the answers to my questions below.  

Submit answers to ALL of these questions in your first email.

  • Name & age?

  • Are you visiting or local?

  • Online or in person?

  • Type of session you're requesting? 

  • Previous experience with what you're requesting? (DETAILS)

  • Any hard limits, boundaries? (DETAILS)

  • Length of the session you're requesting?

  • Your requested date / time for a session?

  • Any medical conditions or recent surgeries?

  • Any issues with marks or bruises?

  • Submit your list of questions

  • Where online you found my advertisement?  (Be specific)


NO two sessions are alike. My sessions are not scripted or the same for each person.  Each session is uniquely created for your visit only.    I incorporate a few of your interests with a few of mine and construct each individual session. Therefore I am not able to give you a detailed description of what your session will entail prior to you setting up an appt.