Contact Information:

Kimora Vaughn

Warren, MI 48093

Near 12 mile and Hoover

This location is private and discreet.  It is a house. 

Sessions available to women, men, novice, handicap. 

Monday - Friday 11am - 9p  / Minimum 3hrs. notice req.

Saturday  12pm - 7p  / Minimum 3hrs. notice req.

Sunday - 24hrs. notice is required. Avail. 12p - 7p 

Same day appts. may be available with a min. of a 3 hr. notice, depending on my schedule for that day. 

*My morning, evening, & Sunday schedule is flexible for established clients. 

**Referrences may be required.

*Email is preferred as initial contact:


How to contact me:

Be prepared with all of your questions prior to submitting your first email.  The first email should be informative, descriptive, and to the point.  It should also include the answers to my questions below.  

I will exchange a maximum of four emails and then I expect a telephone call.  

**Once you've sent your second email and we've communicated on the phone.  There will be a FEE for further email correspondence. 

I will no longer entertain an exchange of an excessive about of emails. 

My number 512-360-0036

Dialing my number means you are ready to schedule a session within the next three hours.

 It will not be used because you are lonely, bored or horny.  It will not be used to have a lengthy conversation asking an excessive amount of questions which are already answered on my website. 

Submit answers to ALL of these questions in your first email.

  • Name?
  • What is your age?
  • Where are you located, i.e     City?        State?
  • Are you looking for online or R/T-in person?
  • Type of session you're requesting? (DETAILS)
  • Your experience in the type of session you're requesting? (DETAILS)
  • Your hard limits, boundaries? (DETAILS)
  • Length of session you're interested in?
  • What is your requested date / time for a session?
  • ​Any medical conditions or recent surgeries?
  • ​List of your BDSM interests ? 
  • Any issues with marks or bruises?
  • Submit your list of questions
  • Where you found my advertisement.


NO two sessions are alike. My sessions are not scripted or the same for each person.  Each session is uniquely created for your visit only.    I incorporate a few of your interests with a few of mine and construct each individual session. Therefore I am not able to give you a detailed description of what your session will entail prior to you setting up an appt.   

There will be a two call system.  You're given my address during the second call the day of your appt.

*I DO NOT COMMUNICATE VIA TEXT UNLESS  you are an established client.


Michigan's finest Disciplinarian

An experience of a lifetime.  

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​​​​Kimora Vaughn