Kimora Vaughn

Detroit's finest Disciplinarian & Domina 

An experience of a lifetime.  

Phone Sessions:

Call and talk with me on my private line

(email for number).


$1.99 per minute


Let's talk about it...

--Want to speak with a lifestyle Disciplinarian who truly identifies with your need for a spanking?

--Desire a spanking but you're not able to visit my location?

--Want to discuss spanking fantasies?  

--Would you like to get better acquainted prior to your session with me?

--In need of stern scolding and/or assigned line writing?

--Have a potty mouth and need your mouth washed out with soap?

--Do you need to communicate with someone who s
hares your interests and understand many forms of discipline or punishment? 


  • Personal phone line:  $1.99  per minute.  Purchased in minimum 15-minute increments or more.
  • Email session / chat :  $0.75  each
  • Text  session / chat :  $0.50  each

  Payments accepted are

  • Square Cash
  • Google Pay  
  • Amazon  = For short-term sessions / chat.  Maximum of 30 mins. for Amazon payment.   

Contact  &  Phone  sessions

A suburb of Detroit

Warren, MI   


Minimum  8-hrs. notice req. (If schedule permits)

Monday - Friday   12pm - 9p  

Saturday    12pm - 6p  / Sunday - 24 hr. notice required

Same day appts. may be available, depending on my schedule for that day. 


**You are now allowed an exchange of   (8) EIGHT  emails . 

If you desire additional communication you will be required to purchase a time slot for email, text, or phone conversation.

Time is a valuable thing.  I won't waste yours so do not waste mine. 

Email your answers to my questions below.

  • Be prepared with all of your questions prior to submitting your first email.  
  • The first email should be informative, descriptive, and to the point.  
  • It should also include the answers to my questions below.
  • Lengthy email correspondence is no longer tolerated unless it's a prepaid email session
  • Phone calls will not extend beyond 8 mins. unless it's a prepaid phone session.  


  • Name & age? City?

  • Online or in person?

  • Type of session you're requesting? 

  • Previous experience? (DETAILS)

  • Hard limits, boundaries?

  • Date/ time & length of the session you're requesting?

  • Any medical conditions or recent surgeries?

  • Any issues with marks or bruises?

  • Specifically where you found my advertisement?