Satisfy your desires.  Whether you want to cross-dress or train to become a sissy.

Kimora  Vaughn

Your desires of cross-dressing or becoming a sissy for an hour, a day, or transitioning completely can happen with a simple phone call.  Cross-dressing, sissy training, and exploring the realms of being a woman is exciting and should not be feared. 


Your fantasies of cross-dressing and sissy training are easily obtainable in a private, discreet location fully stocked with all of the items needed for your transformation or you may bring your own.  If you desire to venture out in public, you may experience that as well. 

Welcome to my Crossdressing & Sissy Training Boutique  

Where your dreams become a reality


Explore what it feels like to cross-dress and become a woman. 
Experience being the sissy you've always dreamed of being.

There is a definite difference between the two. 


Feminization/sissy training

One hour      $245

90 minutes    $345 

Two hours     $445
$100 each additional half-hour

Six hours                                $995

Eight hours                             $1295

Ten hours                               $1595

Overnight adventure                     $1800 -- 12 hours

Weekend escapade                       $4500 -- 48 hours