Of course it hurts, it’s a spanking.  How else would it work?

Come over here and bend over my knee. 

I wouldn't do this if I didn't care.

I'm going to pull your pants down and put you over my knee. 

You need a good spanking.

​Over my lap, NOW!

Spanking is a form of stress-relief.  A modality used to heal from trauma as well as deal with stressful situations.  A means to escape from the physical and mental stresses of your day. Spanking is not just about receiving pain,  it can be cathartic.

​Spanking can be therapeutic.  It can also be an effective method for administering discipline or punishment.  

Assume the position. 

​I'm going to get to the seat of your problem, young man!

Welcome to my world of spanking therapy, discipline, & punishment.


Spanking only 

One hour                        $185

90 mins.                         $285

Two hours                      $335

Three hours                     $485

Four hours                      $635

Six hours                        $810

Eight hours                    $1060

Overnight adventure                     $1800 -- 12 hours

Weekend escapade                       $4500 -- 48 hours

You may feel as though you need to be punished for something you've done.  Spanking is a means to serve as an effective punishment. 

You may want to relive a past experience of a spanking you received when you were younger.  Role play would be an excellent modality for that experience.  

These are examples of what happened to the bottoms of others when they received a therapeutic or punishment spanking.  It does not depict what your bottom will look like. 

Kimora  Vaughn

Discipline is Love

You need a timeout, go stand in the corner. 

Talk back to me and I'll wash your mouth with soap then assign lines to write.