​​​​Kimora Vaughn

Michigan's finest Disciplinarian 

An experience of a lifetime.  

 .FAQs  &  Tributes : 

  •  I am 43 years young, 5'9" tall/ 137 lbs.   Always wearing 4+ inch heels so expect to see a very tall beautiful woman when you arrive.

  • May you have my address in advance?
  • There is a two call system.   You will receive my address when you arrive in close proximity to my location within 5-10 mins. of your scheduled session.   Why?  Because I've recently had several clients show up to my location hours prior to their scheduled session.

  • Do I offer private parking?
  • Yes, I have a double driveway and insist all park there.  Do not park down the street or around the block bringing attention to me and yourself. 

  • Be aware of the  *yellow marker*  to confirm you're at the correct location. (Explained during your second call). 

  • Is my location private and discreet?

  • Yes, it is.  I hope you are as well. 

  • Are you allowed to make sounds such as moaning, screaming, or crying? 
  • Cry, moan, or scream if you must, nobody will hear you.

  • May you ask questions prior to my session?
  • Yes, you may.   

  • How far in advance may you schedule a session?
  • 14 days.

  •  In person sessions are available the day of with at least a 3-hour notice. (Depending on my schedule for that day).

     If you call the day before you will have a better chance of getting the time you desire. 

  • For online, email, or phone sessions 3 hours notice is required. Depending on my schedule.

  • What does a session with me entail? 
  • Your session is constructed specifically for you. 

  • Am I in a dungeon, hotel, or apartment?  

  • NO, I AM NOT.  I am in a fully equipped residential setting, a house.   It accommodates every aspect of everything I offer and enjoy.


My regular client's previous rates are grandfathered and will remain the same.

  • Full Hour - $225  

  • Full  90 mins. -  $345

  • Multi-Hour sessions are $225 for the first hour and $175 each additional hour.

  • Overnight - 10 hours / $1700 (Interactive the entire time.) No sleeping.

  • Phone session - 

    $1.99 minute

 Long-term -  

  • Starting at  $155 & up weekly, depending on the variation of sessions. 

     e.g. - Sissy training / slave training / chastity training / behavior modification therapy / Disciplined weight loss mgt. / spanking therapy.

Via email / text / phone / Skype - webcam / or a combination. 

Phone Sessions:   - 15 min. minimum

  • Personal phone line rates:  $1.99 per minute.

  • NiteFlirt rates:  $2.75 per minute

Payments accepted:

  • Cash 

  • Credit card payments accepted via Square Cash and Google Wallet.

  • Amazon gift cards also accepted for online and phone sessions, if the time frame is brief.  

**Rates are non-negotiable.