​​​​Kimora Vaughn

Michigan's finest Disciplinarian

An experience of a lifetime.  

FAQs :

  •  I am 5'9" tall/ 137 lbs.  I am always wearing 4+ inch heels so expect to see a very tall beautiful woman when you arrive.
  • May you have my address in advance?
  • There is a two call system.   You will receive address when you arrive in close proximity of my location within 5-10 mins. of your scheduled session.   Why?  Because I've recently had several clients show up to my location hours prior to their scheduled session.
  • Do I offer private parking?
  • Yes, I have a double driveway and insist all park there.  Do not park down the street or around the block bringing attention to me and yourself. 
  • Is my location private and discreet?
  • Yes it is.  I hope you are as well. 
  • Are you allowed to make sounds such as crying? 
  • Cry if you must, nobody will hear you.
  • May you ask questions prior to my session?
    Yes you may.   

  • How far in advance may you schedule a session?
  • 21 days.
  •  In person sessions are available the day of  with at least a  3  hour notice. (Depending on my schedule for that day).  If you call the day before you will have a better chance of getting the time you desire.  I except an 
  • For online, email, or phone sessions 30 mins. notice is required. Depending on my schedule.
  • Am I capable of giving an x-large man/woman an OTK spanking?
  • Yes I most certainly am capable.  I work out often, I weight train.  I've previously wrestled men. (Wrestling no longer available).  I AM VERY STRONG!!
  • What does a session with me entail?
  • Your session will be constructed specifically for your visit.
  • Am I in a dungeon, hotel, or apartment?  
  • NO I AM NOT.  I am in a fully equipped  residential setting, a house.   It accommodates every aspect of everything I offer and enjoy.



  • Warm up -  This is needed to warm the skin on the bottom and make it more pliable for the rest of the session.  
  • Casual  - Usually requested by novice, the curious one's, or the bottoms who want a spanking for no reason at all.  
  • Playful -  It's performed OTK or on table for comfort.   Using lightweight implements such as a soft paddle, or gently with my hand.
  • Motivational - Helps you put forth more effort into completing goals & tasks.     
  • Maintenance - Given at regularly scheduled intervals, to ensure that your behavior is managed without a relapse. 
  • Punishment - Consequences for past improper, wrongful behavior. ​  
  • Reward - A gentle, pleasant spanking given as positive re-enforcement for your appropriate behavior.

BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION - Following a series of steps to improve previous bad behavior and schedule a systematic plan for the purpose of improving life, heath, career, home, and interactions with others. ​ Changing your reaction to a specific impulse. 

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT - Extremely intense with my hand and/or strict implements such as Sjambok, canes, single tail whips, lexan, Spencer paddle, etc. It can sometimes cause a therapeutic reaction called a Somatic release (releases all repressed emotions).