Kimora  Vaughn


fantasy/ fetish              

One hour                                $245

90 minutes                             $345 

Two hour                               $445

$100 each additional half hour

Refs accepted but not required for spanking and fantasy/ fetish

              Let's  Explore  Together

**If you have an interest that isn't listed, ask me about it. 

Attitude Adjuster -  A 1/2 hour of intense punishment for your misbehavior.  No scripts & no special requests. 

Behavior Modification Therapy - Set goals and achieve them through operant conditioning. 

Bondage - Light bondage,  restrictive bondage. 
            Straps, wrist/ankle cuffs,  plastic, leather, or rope

Crushing -  You provide the tarp and are responsible for clean-up. 

Disciplined Weight Loss Mgmt -  Strict but very effective.e 

Discipline -  Spanking, Paddling, Caning, Corporal Discipline, Judicial caning, Strapping, Domestic Discipline, Whipping, OTK, restrained if necessary.  Also line writing, mouth soaping, corner time, and Corporal Punishment.  Lecturing and scolding when necessary.

Feminization  / Sissy training -  Addressing your desire of becoming a woman achieved through cross-dressing and adopting the mannerisms of a woman.   You may role play for a day or incorporate the lifestyle into your day to day living.

Foot  & shoe worship 
- Beautiful, soft, and delightful size 10

Role Play -   Mommie/son, Auntie/nephew, Warden or judge/prisoner, Headmaster/student, Boss/employee, and more.  

Rough Play -  CBT,  NT,  Trampling,  Scissorhold, Breathplay.

Sensation play -  Aural, blindfolds, sensory deprivation, electric, hoods,  pinwheels, feathers, long fingernails, wax, vampire gloves, floggers, silk, warm oil, ice, candles, human hair, etc.  Awaken your senses and explore. 

Slave Training - Online and in person.  You must learn respect, submission, and obedience.

Tickle Fetish - Torturous / Sensual / Endurance or a combination.  Which do you desire?

WAM -You must provide the tarp and are responsible for clean-up.  

** No two sessions are alike.  Your session is constructed specifically for your visit with me.

* Extra large, heavy-duty, 4-foot x 8-foot table with 8-inch padding. For intense tickling / extensive spanking sessions, with or w/o bondage. 
* Kneeling spanking bench
* OTK chair
* 4-foot Spanking bench
* St. Andrew's Cross
* Suspension hook


For feminization/ sissy training -  Wigs, shoes, makeup, jewelry, nylons, thigh-highs, lingerie & clothing in different sizes.


Paddles - wood, acrylic, leather, & lexan

Whips - leather / single tails / Sjambok/ cat-o-nine / floggers

Brushes - multiple hair brushes & bath brushes- wood & acrylic 

Leather - tawse, straps, belts, devils tongue, leather paddles

Canes - birch, bamboo, rattan, lexan, delrin, oak, acrylic  

Restraints - leather, rope, handcuffs, restrictive straps, plastic, etc. 

**Continuously adding to my collection.  Many thanks to all of the subs who contributed.