OTK spanking, Corporal discipline, Feminization, Tickle torture, Caning, Behavior modification, Role play,  Bastinado, Line writing, Corner time, Restrictive bondage.

 Translating life through adventures that speak more than words ever could.

Michigan's finest Disciplinarian 

An experience of a lifetime.  

"Therapeutic Spanking" 

After I spank your bottom and bring you to tears, I feel remarkably better.

​​​​Kimora Vaughn


 My name is Miss Kimora,

I am a lifestyle and professional Disciplinarian with several interests I enjoy sharing with my clients.  Professionally I have over 10 years of experience.

I'm a firm believer in FLR and domestic discipline. 

I have a special affinity for OTK spanking using my strong hands as well as one of many implements.  Many times I possess a strong desire to give a spanking and I must contact one of my willing friends when I have no sessions scheduled.   It's very cathartic for me as well as for the client occasionally.  Caning is also something I enjoy administering.  Another of my favorites is tickle torture.  If you're mildly or extremely ticklish, tickle torture is right for you.   Feminization, restrictive bondage, corporal discipline, and behavior modification are also on my list of favorites.