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Discipline & Domination

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Kimora  Vaughn

I am one of Detroit's finest lifestyle and professional Disciplinarian and Dominatrix.  

Alluring, exotic 43 y.o. African American/ Latin, skilled in the art of discipline, fantasy/fetish, and tickle torture.  For over 10 years I have been administering discipline/punishment, fulfilling fantasies, and torturing and teasing with my very special tickling technique.  I am strict but when necessary I can be gentle if you deserve such a grand reward. 

Often I possess a strong desire to give a spanking. It's very cathartic for me as well as for my clients. 

Tickle torture has been a favorite since childhood.    If you're mildly or extremely ticklish, tickle torture is right for you.   

I have a special affinity for several fetishes, explore my website for more information.   

Q & A:

First and foremost, I do not randomly put fetishes on my website simply to attract clients.  ALL of the items I've listed are either part of my lifestyle or fetishes I enjoy.  

How did I get started as a Disciplinarian and Dominatrix?

     I've always been a confident, assertive, dominant woman.  After a discussion with a family member who suggested I try it professionally, I posted an ad and have been addicted ever since my first session over ten years ago.

What are my top five favorites?

     Discipline/punishment, tickling, rough play, sensation play, and sissy training.  Being in control brings me great joy. 

What are my favorite implements?

    I do not have a favorite implement, I love ALL of them. 

Am I sensual or sadistic?

   I am a genuine fusion of both.  I incorporate a small amount of both into all of my sessions.  Taking someone on a journey, helping them experience the euphoria of being taken to the edge and gently bringing them back.  

Is my play space in a dungeon, hotel, apartment, or house? 

    My play space is located in a fully equipped house.  In a private, discreet location. 

Are you allowed to make noises?  

    Yes, you can cry, scream, moan, or laugh as loud as you wish.  No one will hear you. 

 Am I open to trying other fetishes or fantasies?

    Most definitely.  I love experiencing new adventures. 

Do I have a preference for age or race?

  No.  As long as you are of legal age.  Race is not an issue.   Neither is your physical appearance or capabilities.    

Do I offer outcall to your location?

    Only if you're an established client of mine. 

Will I be nude or partially nude?

    No, never. 

Are you allowed to touch me?


Do I ever sell any of my items?

    Yes, clothing, shoes, nylons, panties, bras, toys.  Send an email if you're interested. 

Will I travel to your city/state?

    Yes, if the trip and accommodations are paid for in advance.  

Do I offer multiple hour sessions or overnight? 

    Yes, those are the most enjoyable meetings because it gives us both time to relax, feel comfortable with each other, and truly enjoy the experience. 

Do I see novice/newbies?

    Yes, everyone was a novice at one point in time.  

Will I ever allow you to top from the bottom?


Are there other fetishes I enjoy which aren't listed on my website?

    Most definitely.  There are too many to list.  



Rudeness, disrespect, aggressive personalities, time wasters, fully scripted sessions, narcissists, uncleanliness, whiners, dishonesty.


TPE, being in complete control, subs, slaves, bottoms, enjoyable uninhibited sessions, lee's, submission, and much more.