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​Discipline, OTK, Caning, Behavior therapy

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Want to take a journey into tickle tease or tickle torture? 

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​>Misbehavior at home or at work. 

>Excessive masturbaton. 

>Overeating causing weight gain. 

>Your wife caught you wearing her panties or lingerie. 

>Addictions;  Porn, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs 

>Peeping in neighbors windows 

>Poor performance sexually with your wife/ girlfriend 

What are your misdeeds which require my stern punishment? 

Whether it's an authentic misconduct or a roleplay, I am the Disciplinarian to administer the proper correction. I have a punishment for all transgressions.

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NiteFlirt rates: ​ $2.75 per minute

Personal phone line rates:  $2.00 per minute.   Payments accepted are Square Cash / Google Wallet / Amazon

Sissy Training

Call me on NiteFlirt or my personal line. 

Are you a sissy or desire to become one?  In need of BBC training?  Chasity & key holding? 

Have you been naughty and in need of corrective discipline? 

My schedule varies on NF from 8am - Midnight.  Email me with at least a 2hrs. notice if you're interested in a specific time.


​​​​Kimora Vaughn