Michigan's finest Disciplinarian

An experience of a lifetime.  

​​​​Kimora Vaughn


​*Discipline is liberation*

If you request no marks, there will be no marks.

Novice/ Newbies are encouraged to visit with me for their first session.

Couples are welcome to visit for a session or training.

I also offer email & phone sessions.   Online sessions  are via NiteFlirt & Skype

**If there is an interest that isn't listed, ask me about it. 

  • Academic Discipline- Line writing,  mouth soaping, spanking, corner-time, etc. 

  • Attitude Regulator - Intense 1/2 hour session that focuses exclusively on the core of your punishment.  No role play, scripts,  or added fetishes. 

  • Bastinado - Punishment focused only on the soles of the feet. 

  • Behavior Modification - ​Help achieve goals through objectives and discipline. 

  • Bondage - with discipline or tickle session.  Predicament bondage.

  • Caning - light to EXTREME &  Judicial.

  • ​​Corporal Punishment -  *Extremely intense and painful with marks* -  Bastinado, Judicial caning, whipping, Sjambok, paddling, birching, OTK.  (*Yes OTK can be extreme*).   Be aware of the consequences when requesting Corporal Punishment. 

  • Disciplined Weight Loss Mgmt -  Strict but very effective. 

  • ​Domestic Discipline - Enforcement of order through rules and consequences:  chores, spanking, line writing, corner-time, etc

  • Foot - Leg - Shoe - Boot worship -  Long, firm legs with size 10 feet

  • Lecturing - When necessary

  • Operant Conditioning - System of punishment & reward for your behavior. 

  • Role Play - ​Principle, Governess, Employer, Auntie, Teacher, Mom.

  • Palm Punishment - Strap, cane, tawse, or ruler.

  • Spanking - Women, Men, Sissies, Couples, Novice. 

  • Scolding -   Stern, without raising my voice.

  • Sissy Training -  Explore your inner feminine personality

  • ​Smoking session - Cigars, cigarettes, Hookah (shisha only).  
  • **(Only for requested sessions.) 

  • Tickle Session -   From light & playful to extreme and torturous.​  

**(With or without bondage)​

  • WAM - .Wet and messy fun


No two sessions are alike.  Your scene is constructed specifically for your visit with me.

  Your interests, limitations, relevant medical issues, and previous experience must be presented prior to your session.  

 One persons interest may be another persons taboo.  


Large, heavy duty table - For intense tickling, long spanking sessions, with or w/o bondage. 

Kneeling spanking/tickling bench

OTK chair

​Spanking bench

Ankle stockade - for tickle torture

Bondage frame - For caning, whipping, tickle torture


*Wigs, shoes/boots, makeup, jewelry, nylons, thigh-highs, lingerie & clothing in different sizes, etc.

**Clothing is available for males and females.  

**Males who wish to be trained to be a sissy  or crossdress.   

**Also for men who wish to be disciplined in ladies lingerie  or  humiliated and forced to dress as a girl. 


 Paddles - wood, acrylic, leather, & lexan

Whips - single tails / Sjambok/ cat-o-nine / floggers

Brushes - multiple hair brushes / bath brushes- wooden & acrylic

Leather - tawse, straps, belts, devils tongue, leather paddles

Canes - birch, bamboo, rattan, lexan, delrin, oak, acrylic, etc,  

Restraints -  leather, rope, handcuffs, etc.


  • Do have good hygiene . 
  • Do arrive on time.   DO NOT arrive late unless you've called and I've approved your tardiness.
  • DO NOT ARRIVE early as to interrupt my time preparing for our session or possibly arriving so early you interfere with another person's session time with me. 
  • DO NOT EVER come to my location unannounced and without permission. 
  • DO NOT ask inappropriate questions pertaining to any sexual interaction or requesting me to be nude. 
  • ​Do be discreet.  DO park in my driveway, NOT down the street or around the corner. 
  • ​Do be confident you observe the "YELLOW" marker before parking and approaching my  place.
  • DO inform me if you have concerns about marks or bruises.
  • Do have reasonable expectations of the session.  Do not expect to have every detail of your interests fulfilled.  Have an open mind to my additional contributions.  You may learn you enjoy more than what you thought.
  • Do inform me of any discomfort during the session to prevent injury.
  • Your adrenaline and endorphins will be running on an extremely high level.  Do inform me if you require a break during the session.  You may need to restore your state of physical and psychological balance afterwards as well. 
  • DO INFORM ME  of any medical conditions or concerns including recent surgeries in the past  5yrs.  Including and not limited to joint, back, hip, knee, foot, heart, circulation, or neck problems.  If you have a medical issue be sure to inform me prior to the session to see if your session is attainable.